Hello, I am a Central California based filmmaker who loves telling important and sometimes comedic stories through whatever medium or position that will help best tell that story. Take a look and hit me up.

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What my clients say about me and my work

Brick Madness is an incredibly fun film that plays with the mockumentary formula to give us something truly unique. – Movie Reviews 100

Brick MADNESS is technically tight – with cinematography that feels rightfully in-the-moment, a crisp sound mix and editing that reminds us of the loose nature of the mockumentary. – Paul Burch

The world needs you – your work – and your lust for all things new. Light the torches. . . Jacob Meggers – 183 Degrees

Bardo Blues was well shot by Justin and Ian McAleece – Kimber Myers – LA Times

I still remember the first time I saw you use Final Cut Pro. The way you do it, I think it counts as playing an instrument. – Carl Merriam – The LEGO Group

Justin McAleece is one of the top 3 most dependable, effective, and kind people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing… let alone working with. Thanks for making this possible brother! – Jonathan Bailor – NYTimes Best Selling Author

What I can do for you


If you have a project that you’re passionate about, hit me up and let’s work together to make it reach its full potential


Your idea is not mine to break down and fix, it’s mine to understand, optimize, and cultivate into something we can all be proud of.


My lighting and camerawork can only function properly if they serve the story at hand. Only by working together can we make the project better than the sum of its parts.

We‘re expected to do stuff that’s awesome. That means we’re going to have to push each other. David Fincher

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